Few of projects we have completed.

Victoria shipping company
Owner of m/v Kati 300GRT m/v Tiger 1300GRT.
Motor vessel exploitation and repair
SIA Ferry Service
Passenger ferry line Riga Stockholm. Operator of m/v Russ (12700 GT, 550 PAX) and sister ship m/v Sholokhov (later delivered to SIA Mono Line
Inspection repairs modernization, new equipment installation – interior refurbishment for public areas, carpets replacement, realizations of designers ideas, cabins, reception, restaurants, bars repair and new materials installations, pipe systems, smoke hood systems, fire systems, fire doors food handling systems, cold rooms.
SIA Rigas Juras Linija
passenger ferry line Riga Stockholm. Time charter of m/v Max Mols (high speed motor vessel) later owner of m/v Baltic Kristina (ex Iljich).
Interior refurbishment for public areas Inspection repairs modernization, new equipment installation – fire systems, fire doors food handling systems, cold rooms
GM500A COSCO Shipyard China
Semisubmersible accommodation unit.
Supervision of works - Installation of galley stainless steel equipment. Installation of coamings and foundations. Installation of walls and ceilings in the galley enclosed areas. Connections of the equipment : cabling / water, steam and brine piping .. Etc. Ref system 41kWt.
FHS installation on AIDA Prima.
Stainless Steel welding and installation.
Plumbing works.
Plumbing works. Ref sytem
Electrical works.
Equipment installation

We have worked with


    Quality assurance

    All projects have been completed according to highest quality standarts.

    Every projects main priority is quality. Therefor PBA team members are certified and highly experienced in their field. Therefor PBA is able to deliver services of prime quality and speed.

    PBA have delivered services on shore and marine. Have team members all over the world, witch allows to provide most accurate service for any projects.

  • Motor vessel bunkering for Latvian group of ship-owners.
  • Spare parts supplying for Latvian group of ship-owners..
  • Ship management for Latvian group of ship-owners.
  • Vessel system, Food handling system installation (ship build) – for this project PBA will use human power with associated experience, and certificates. Workers from Prime Baltic Associaties, Riga yacht yard (certified DNV TUF ), Riga Ship Yard or associated company's will be subcontracted if it will be necessary.
  • Have delivered services to GM Hilton Hotel China. GM500A COSCO Shipyard China: Semisubmersible accommodation unit.

    Food Handling Systems installation for BIMINI .

  • Resort Word hotel on Bimini island Bahamas.
  • Stainless Steel welding and installation.
  • Electrical system installation.
  • Electrical connection of equipment.
  • Plumbing works, pipe system installation.
  • Plumbing connections. Refrigeration system.
  • Equipment and construction materials installation