SIA Prime Baltic Associaties

Group developed for merchant ship owner service.
Group was founded in the middle of 1990 s year and based on great experience in ship exploitation area. Main intellect power supplied by Viktors Vjuns – chief engineer with best experience in shipping. Firstly company work based on to bunkering supply – trader. Company activity based on to service for ship-owners. Merchant ship and operation management, spares and bunkering supply, supervision of shipyard works, dry docs etc.
PBA received and performed contract with Latvian Shipping Company for spare parts supplying. In result Group turnover established corporate level.

PBA offer to You

Working team arround the world.
  • Commisioning
  • Human power lease
  • Project realization on shore
  • Marine project realization
  • Urgent delivery of consumables and materials
  • Installation material and equipment supply

  • Prime Baltic Associaties ISO9001 2015 certification be completed in march 2016
    PBA is using human power with associated experience, and certificates.(certified DNV TUF )